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Student painting close-up.

在电子游戏平台, our Art courses provide a place for you to unearth your creative potential and give voice to big ideas. In a warm and welcoming environment, our curriculum explores technique and skill building, theoretical and hands-on activity, and artistic ways to problem solve.

ian johnson, Chair of the Art Department

Close up of a boy painting on canvas.



Our department offers both the inquisitive beginner and the seasoned artist an elective that is customized to his interests. More than just a creative outlet, our lessons in art literacy encourage students to consider the broader implications of art in today's society.

除了 to the studio courses offered during the academic day in fine arts, 音乐, 和数字媒体, we provide time for extracurricular participation in drama, 音乐 lessons and ensembles. The 鲁格美术中心 and Field 音乐 Center are accessible twenty-four hours a day and students are encouraged to take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities during their free periods.

Art student in digital printing.

With two presses and plenty of well-ventilated space for rolling out inks, this studio is an effective space for relief and intaglio printing.

Two students and instructor in 木工 class.

The woodshop is well-equipped, both with power and hand tools. The shop itself has ventilation and vacuum systems which keep airborne dust and wood chips under control.

Students and art instructor paint large scale dog project.
Drawing and Painting Studio

明亮和通风, this space is multi-purpose, used for drawing or painting, 或在需要的时候, for the construction of large scale sculptural and installation projects.

Student at pottery wheel.

设置为陶器, stoneware and raku clay are electric potter's wheels, 一块滚, 挤出机, hand tools and electric kilns as well as a gas-fired “top-hat” kiln for raku firings.

Four boats nearing completion in 造艇 class.

This well-equipped space is used to create wood-epoxy, sea kayaks and other small wooden boats.

Black and white photo history board from class project on display in Tremaine Gallery.




这个画廊, dedicated in 2001 by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and members of the Tremaine and Collins families, is primarily used to display student artwork. 除了, works by faculty members and school community members have been featured, including recent shows by alumni artist Nicholas Sant Foster '60, former faculty Rich Perry, 马特威臣20,  and our Black 历史 in Rural Connecticut class' "索尔斯堡 in Black and White" exhibit.

The Tremaine Fine Art Gallery is located in the lower level of the Centennial Building.  It is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. 3 p.m. when school is in session.

For further information about the Tremaine Fine Art Gallery, contact gallery coordinator Roger McKee '72 at rmckee@001ii.net or .


威廉·E. Buehner Digital 媒体实验室

Outfitted in 2015, the William E. Buehner Digital Medial Lab is home to the latest in digital media technology, all available to our students taking one of several digital media courses.


野外音乐中心 contains three teaching/practicing rooms, two large ensemble rooms and state-of-the-art 音乐-computer lab, allowing for the composition, 耳朵的培训, theory and recording and producing of 音乐 in all genres. The School is also fortunate to have three grand pianos, including a Steinway.


The Ruger Fine 艺术 center is a beautifully lit, spacious studio fully equipped to increase a boy's awareness of the visual world. Each space is full of tools to craft furniture, pottery and prints as well as supplies for drawing and painting as well as a 摄影暗室 for developing 35mm prints.

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