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学费 & 费用

这是值得的投资!  We are proud to be a prestigious Connecticut boarding school offering financial aid to many of its students. 即使你没有资格申请援助, 然而, there are several reasons to consider a 索尔斯堡 education for your son. 我们的学生享受全面, 在支持性环境下的现代教育, and our graduates are better positioned to apply to top-tier colleges.

作为父母,你想给你的孩子任何可能的优势. Browse our website to learn more about the value of a 索尔斯堡 education, and discover why we’re a worthy choice in Connecticut all-boys boarding schools, 不管有没有经济援助.



索尔斯堡 School recognizes that access and affordability are two of the most important themes for the future of private school education-be it a secondary school or a college. 牢记电子游戏平台的使命, we recognize the great value of providing need-based financial aid that includes awards ranging from $1,全额学费支持 37% 我们的学生.

当然,经济需求是因人而异的,这取决于个人的收入和资产. 作为一个简单的原则, 每个家庭都要做出经济上的牺牲, 当他们的儿子在十大电子游戏平台上学时,他们的承诺和投资.

Please do not hesitate to apply to 索尔斯堡 because of the tuition cost. 然而,申请援助的人太多了,我们负担不起, 即使我们的预算很慷慨, it would be a mistake to opt out of the admissions process based on an assumption that our education is not affordable. 我们期待在招生过程中与您合作.




2021 - 2022年学费和费用

学杂费 登机 一天
学费  $66,625.00  $48,500.00 
一般费用  700.00  550.00 
技术费  500.00 300.00 
教科书存款  500.00 500.00 
 *退还学费计划 1,831.28*


  $70,156.28 $51,182.45

一般费用用于支付与保健中心有关的费用, 实验室, 工作室, 活动, 和出版物. The 技术费 provides each student with internet and network access, 一个电子邮件账户和所有校园科技服务的使用权. The 教科书存款 covers the average cost each family incurs for textbooks and other course materials during the school year. Amounts over/under the deposit amount will be adjusted through the student’s Sarum Card account balance.  费用 for tutoring in the Learning Center are an additional charge and will be billed separately.


A limited number of merit awards are given to exceptional candidates as determined by the admissions committee. 一个被录取的候选人的全部资格证书将被评估, with special consideration for his academic and leadership skills and potential.


The Freedom Fund was established by the 索尔斯堡 School Executive Committee in honor of John Niven ’76, 97年的Garnet " Ace " Bailey, 和J.C. Connors P’98, all of whom died in the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Awards from the Freedom Fund provide partial scholarships available to families affected during these tragic events. 该基金的范围已经扩大到包括美国儿童.S. 军人.


The 帕特里克·斯特恩66年纪念奖学金 is designated as a financial aid award given to a qualified student with a physical challenge. Mr. Stern sustained a life-altering injury and wanted this gift to aid young men who face similar physical challenges as he did. 索尔斯堡 School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, or ethnic origin. Approximately 33% of the 索尔斯堡 students receive financial aid that may consist of grants, 贷款或两. 这些家庭代表了广泛的实际需求. Awards are subject to review annually and families must file an application each year by February 1. Returning families are notified prior to new applicants, usually in early March. Generally, financial aid awards do not change unless a family’s financial circumstances have.


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