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The 历史 Dep艺术ment endeavors to understand both the facts and the interpretation of history. 我们的学生获得了收集证据的技能, 摆姿势回答问题, 找出并评估信息的来源, 并有效地沟通复杂的想法. 不同的课程强调每个学生的技能发展和个人成长.  

作为一名电子游戏平台的历史学生,你也将具备访问的能力, 评估, 用不同的交流方式来锻炼批判性思维, 展示国际意识, 有效沟通复杂的想法, 运用解决问题的技能,这将帮助你成为一个积极和有意识的全球公民.


我们的“寻找奴隶”班与凯撒家族的后裔合作, 见证石项目的丹尼斯·卡利顿, 公民生活项目的本·威利斯, 以及上胡萨托尼克河谷遗产区, to divulge the previously untold history of people who have also helped build our communities.   

“This movie has forced us to confront history that challenges our perception of who we are and how we became a country. Looking at the contributions local families of color like the Mars and the Cesars have had on our communities has really opened our eyes. 反过来, our aim is to use our work to help form a more complete and inclusive history that highlights the contributions of all Americans. 这个项目不是简单地揭露美国一个黑人家庭的历史, it is also about completing the inaccurate and incomplete history of our diverse American Family. 




《十大电子游戏平台》 is a highly interactive course that provides students with an appreciation of how government works to develop policies and address the key challenges American faces in the 21st Century.  学生将 使用他们对美国政府的理解 , 美国政府.S. 《十大电子游戏平台》 和《十大电子游戏平台》以及媒体, 政党, 让特殊利益集团面对和辩论当今的关键问题.  Students will engage in activities to understand the formulation of public policy in America and the struggles associated with reaching consensus through the lens of current issues as well as the campaign for the Presidency and Congressional leadership in 2020. 


This course takes a close look at one of our nation’s most promising and turbulent eras in the 20th Century. Themes include the civil rights movement and the historical forces that shaped the successes and failures of the movement, 当今世界的种族问题, 越南战争在国内外的影响, 美国例外论和脆弱性. 冬季三个月需要一项研究项目, 这门课强调阅读, 写作, 和沟通能力.  



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